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Ready to download!

The Southport Eco Centre (UK) and the Coast and Ocean Collective (New Zealand) act as platforms for video downloading.

Coasts for Kids is now available for download in a variety of options, including medium resolutions (smaller size videos) and HD.

The Southport Eco Centre has developed a kids and teachers friendly hub for C4K!

If you are a teacher in the Liverpool City Region area, or from the rest of Britain and beyond, check out the fantastic website developed by our friends and partners at the Southport Eco Centre. Sign up for support and for accessing a variety of resources adapted to the school curriculum.

The Coast and Ocean Collective is kindly hosting the series for international downloads!

Our friends at the Coast and Ocean Collective have also included a section in their website where you can download the video series at a variety of video sizes.

Hope you enjoy downloading and let us know how you use the series!



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