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LPC goes viral!

Several organizations including the Universidade do Algarve, Centro Ciência do Algarve - CCVAlg and Centro de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental - CIMA have now published the links to enjoy O Litoral para Crianças in their websites.

The official press release by the Universidade do Algarve [] highlights this unique #SciComm project, and the benefits of stimulating curiosity and knowledge about coastal areas.

Following on the footsteps of C4K, LPC can be now freely downloaded from CIMA:

O Litoral para Crianças received financial support from the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT; Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology), via the project ENLACE – Exploring new approaches to simulate long-term coastal evolution.

The series can be viewed as a Playlist in the Coasts for Kids YouTube Channel:

Additionally, the CCVALg provides direct access to the videos using the following links:

Episódio 1 | O que é o litoral?

We hope you enjoy them!



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