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Welcoming the OCEANOGRAPH!

C4K information panel, elaborated in partnership with the University of Cádiz.

The OCEANOGRAF ship of the University of Gdansk (Poland) completed the first oceanographic campaign of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) on 17 June 2022. The ship travelled through western Europe from Gdansk to Cádiz (S Spain) on a scientific mission involving researchers from six universities. Upon arrival, the University of Cadiz offered a program of activities, consisting of guided tours and an exhibition.

The OCEANOGRAF research campaign (courtesy of SEA-EU) and its arrival at the port of Cádiz.

Coasts for Kids participated with #Scicomm exhibits and educational activities in the children´s area. Everyone was excited to visit the OCEANOGRAF and learn about marine and coastal research.

Information panel, entry to the boat terminal, and children´s area.

It was busy at the boat terminal and C4K made sure that both children and adults had fun learning about our oceans and coasts!

Check out the following video of this wonderful initiative by SEA-EU UCA.



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