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Coasts for Kids Secures First Place in the Climate Creatives Challenge

We are thrilled to announce that Coasts for Kids (C4K) has emerged as the winner of the prestigious Climate Creatives Challenge, securing the top spot in the Coastal Change theme. The announcement of the winners, commendations, and shortlisted entries for Challenge #04 was made on Friday, February 2, 2024, marking a momentous achievement for the C4K community.

The competition drew entries from a staggering 56 countries, showcasing a diverse array of creative expressions focused on the theme of Coastal Change and strategies for adaptation. Out of the total of submitted entries, 86 were shortlisted, 20 received commendations, and Coasts for Kids stood out as one of the three projects awarded the highest accolade. Our heartfelt congratulations go to all participants.

The judges panel, consisting of 11 experts spanning ocean advocacy, exploration, arts, academia, filmmaking, and conservation, commended Coasts for Kids for its "wickedly informative" and "utterly delightful" approach.

The Climate Creatives Challenge is a global initiative fostering innovation in climate communication. This biannual international competition encourages diverse creative backgrounds to communicate the impacts of climate change and the benefits of mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. Challenges cover a range of themes, including Flooding (Challenge #01), Ecological Change (#02), Adapting Historic Environments (#03), and the future Heatwaves (#05).

Challenge #04 specifically tasked participants with the following question:

How can we communicate the impacts of climate change on coastal zones, and the benefits of adaptation / resilience?

Entrants were encouraged to go beyond traditional formats, share place-based narratives, connect with new audiences, and emphasize actionable steps for adaptation. Our three, specifically adapted Coasts for Kids episodes, addressed coastal flooding, erosion, sea level rise, and coastal communities. The judges applauded the project's ability to not only highlight the hazards but also showcase practical actions for positive change.

For more information on the Climate Creatives Challenge and upcoming competitions, visit their official website at, and follow them on instragram @theccchallenge.



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