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C4K at EHU 2021 Sustainability Festival

The 2021 Sustainability Festival was held at Edge Hill University (UK) from Monday 1st to Friday 5th November, coinciding with the first week of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. The Festival was organised across various activity themes such as 'community', 'performances' or 'talks'.

The Coasts for Kids local team put together a series of activities including a stall at EHU's The Hub, and a presentation.

The stall was part of a family-friendly event for all ages, and included some interactive activities that covered the key educational and environmental messages featured in the C4K video series. Lisa Burke (Department of Geography and Geology) and Sonia Edwards (Academic Engagement Manager) helped present two posters and share additional educational resources for kids (and adults) to take home and continue exploring our coasts.

Sonia Edwards and Lisa Burke with the stall at EHU's Hub during the 2021 Sustainability Festival.

The presentation conducted by Project Co-ordinator Irene Delgado-Fernandez and was directed at ages 12+. It explored why is it important to empower kids (and adults) to understand the complex interactions regulating coastal dynamics at various temporal-spatial scales, and how can transdisciplinary science communication efforts can help.

Introductory slide from Delgado-Fernandez's C4K presentation at EHU 2021 Sustainability Festival.



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