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Coasts for Kids partners with CoastSnap Mozambique

Beach in Mozambique (Photo credit: Luciana Esteves)

C4K is extending the outreach to Africa through partnership with CoastSnap Mozambique. Educational material about the coast and coastal change was produced in Portuguese for school teachers to use in class.

Dr Luciana Esteves (Bournemouth University), one of the leading scientists of C4K, developed the teaching resources in collaboration with Dr NordinoMuaievela (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane) and Innocent Abubakar (Universidade Lúrio).

CoastSnap Mozambique produced four informative posters and a guide to provide basic knowledge about coastal processes and coastal change. The material is intended for schoolteachers but can also be useful to the general public. It’s available to everyone!

One of the four posters created by Esteves, Muaievela and Abubakar.

CoastSnap Mozambique is a citizen science project for low-cost coastal monitoring. Follow them on Facebook.

Most schools in Mozambique (and across Africa) don’t have computers or equipment to show videos to the students, and many don’t even have electricity. That’s why CoastSnap Mozambique decided to create printed matrial inspired by the C4K videos. The guides and posters are illustrated with drawings from the C4K videos, and the photographs and text cover aspects that are locally relevant. The guide and the posters were printed and provided to local teachers, and are now part of the freely available pool of C4K resources.

We are now exploring further opportunities to collaborate with our Mozambique friends, and to follow up all the wonderful work Luciana Esteves and colleagues have started with some of the schools there!

You can download the material in the resource tab or by clicking on the following links: guide and posters.

Esteves, L.S.; Muaievela, N. & Abubakar, I., 2022. Aprendendo sobre as mudanças na costa. Projecto CoastSnap Mozambique, 11p.



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