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C4K is officially launched!

Coasts for Kids is officially launched at Edge Hill University and Sefton Council

July 2020 saw the official launch of the C4K YouTube channel, hosting our educational science-based videos full of fun facts for primary school children. On a co-ordinated effort, Edge Hill University and Sefton Council both institutions issued a Press Release on 1 July 2020, with subsequent distribution of the news via their communications teams. On twitter, the news reached > 60,000.

Coastal scientists make a splash with YouTube channel

Edge Hill University press release helped members of the team Irene Delgado-Fernandez (Department of Geography and Geology at EHU), Michelle Barnes (Lead Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Manager for Sefton Council's Green Sefton Service) and Darren Lloyd (Resident Teacher and Education Projects Coordinator, Southport Eco Centre) summarise the aim and reach of the project.

Sefton kids and Council staff help coastal scientists make a splash with YouTube channel

Sefton Council's press release helped spreading the word on the C4K series, with a focus on the excellent narrations by school children in the Merseyside area and the project's ability to empower kids to understand the complex language used in coastal science.

These excellent set of educational resources is ideal for primary school teachers and pupils looking for information on how storm waves and winds affect beaches and dunes, the impact of climate change on our coastlines, and community adaptation to sea level rise.



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