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Support from International Organisations

International organisations including WICGE, RGS-IBG Schools, the Spanish Institution of Oceanography and the Australian Coastal Society show support.

C4K Goes International!

A number of professional organisations have shown their support and echoed Coasts for Kids in their newsletters and social media accounts.

The Women in Coastal Geoscience and Engineering (WICGE) network featured the series in their July 2021 newsletter, with links to the C4K YouTube channel.

Colleagues at the Australian Coastal Society, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, and the Geological Society of Spain, also featured us in their social networks. Some of these societies are well established and include thousands of followers, thus helping us expand the reach of the series to international audiences.

The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) with IBG Schools division called attention to our YouTube channel too, allowing us to reach more geography teachers in Britain.

The Centre for Coastal and Marine Studies in Bulgaria also posted the series on their website and Facebook page.

To these and other international organisations and networks, thank you for your support and for helping us spread the word!



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